University of Portland Wedding: Tori + Joe

11 Feb

A beautiful, sunny December day in Portland is nothing short of a blessing.  And blessed was Tori and Joe’s entire winter solstice wedding day.  Blessed with love, family, friends, laughs, fun, and beautiful weather.    Since she is a teacher and he is a principal, their storybook/school theme was unique, personalized and perfect.  The University of Portland is an incredibly gorgeous venue.  I loved the collegiate and wintery touches throughout their entire wedding. Tori and Joe are always writing special notes to each other and their wedding day was no exception to their ritual.  They exchanged their hand-written cards right before their first look and it was very special.  Tori and Joe are two of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  They exude and extend love, support, and gratitude to all.  Congratulations Tori and Joe.  What an honor it was to capture your pure love and gorgeous wedding!  bianca-jade.com_197 bianca-jade.com_091 bianca-jade.com_092bianca-jade.com_078



To see more from Tori and Joe’s beautiful University of Portland wedding, feel free to check out the slideshow below: Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 10.47.26 PM

Sneak Peek: Tori + Joe

15 Jan


Oregon City Wedding: Kelly + Gabe

7 Jan

We couldn’t have been blessed with more beautiful weather for this November harvest wedding!  The day began at the Taylor residence with all of the beautiful Taylor women and bridesmaids getting ready.  Kelly was the most stunning, graceful, and elegant bride.  Her  handsome man anxiously awaited her arrival at Clackamette Park for their first look.  This was by far the most amazing first look I’ve witnessed.  Gabe was completely enamored when he saw his bride and just couldn’t keep his hands off of her.  They were utterly lost in each other, their infinite love and the moment.  Kelly and Gabe saved their first kiss for the altar, making it extra special!   The Tumwater Room in Oregon City was transformed into a gorgeous, inviting, harvest wedding celebration.   The tables were adorned with faux fur, pheasant feathers, gold embellished pine cones, and mini ferns.  Everyone had a blast dancing to the groovy and talented swing/jazz band Boy and Bean.  Kelly and her dad are such talented dancers… what a joy it was to watch their father/daughter dance.  They were so lost in their special moment,  they danced for two songs.  Everyone laughed and danced their hearts out in this sweet celebration of Kelly and Gabe’s union.  Kelly and Gabe, you are two of the sweetest people I’ve met.  It was such an honor to document the beginning of your lives together!bianca-jade.com_011Webianca-jade.com_174bianca-jade.com_013bianca-jade.com_015bianca-jade.com_009bianca-jade.com_157bianca-jade.com_016bianca-jade.com_152bianca-jade.com_175bianca-jade.com_176bianca-jade.com_086bianca-jade.com_151bianca-jade.com_046bianca-jade.com_162

bianca-jade.com_091bianca-jade.com_041bianca-jade.com_040bianca-jade.com_170bianca-jade.com_044bianca-jade.com_039bianca-jade.com_033bianca-jade.com_147bianca-jade.com_100bianca-jade.com_030bianca-jade.com_102bianca-jade.com_098bianca-jade.com_010bianca-jade.com_057bianca-jade.com_126bianca-jade.com_163bianca-jade.com_131bianca-jade.com_127bianca-jade.com_109bianca-jade.com_164bianca-jade.com_076bianca-jade.com_072bianca-jade.com_104bianca-jade.com_142bianca-jade.com_060bianca-jade.com_059bianca-jade.com_066bianca-jade.com_055bianca-jade.com_025bianca-jade.com_022bianca-jade.com_070bianca-jade.com_021To see the entire story of this gorgeous wedding, feel free to watch the slideshow below:

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 10.57.31 PM

Laurelhurst Park Engagment: Kelly + Gabe

20 Oct

As soon as he laid eyes on her, he said to himself,  “that’s the woman I’m going to marry!”.  Gabe was only a high school  student at the time, and being a few years younger than Kelly, he knew he had his work cut out for him.  But, being devoted, loyal and sweet are some of his best qualities, and knowing how to serenade a woman with guitar melodies and good literature is an added bonus.  These two became more than just two people in love… they became best friends first.  Witnessing the way these two look at each other makes it impossible not to notice their pure, raw love .  It was so much fun to incorporate all of the ways that Kelly and Gabe enjoy spending their time together into their engagement session: quality time in Laurelhurst Park, guitar melodies and lessons, sweet snuggles, and reading to each other on a park bench… how romantic!  Gabe proposed to Kelly on the Oregon Coast during one of their romantic weekends over literature readings on the beach.  I can’t wait to document their sweet nuptials this November!

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Sneak Peek: Kelly + Gabe

8 Oct


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